From the vast paradise of the South Pacific, where volcanic islands are surrounded by beautiful black-sand beaches, and cool ocean breeze plays with coconut palms, comes Polynesian Barbie!

Polynesian Barbie is a Special Edition from Dolls of the World Collection.

Polynesian Barbie, made in Malaysia in 1994, is part of the Dolls of the World Collection which includes Kenyan, Dutch, Chinese, German, Irish, and two Native American dolls. The truth is that I don’t understand how this doll is unnoticed by many when she’s really beautiful! She’s a faithful representation of the folklore of the Hawaiian Islands which are part of the so-called The Polynesian Triangle where we also find New Zealand and Tahiti, among others.

One of the most beautiful Kira faces!

Polynesian Barbie has one of the most beautiful faces with the Kira face mold! In fact, she’s like the twin sister of Tropical Miko, another favorite of mine with Kira face. She has large, expressive brown eyes with a hint of amber that are highlighted with moss green eyeshadow, red lips, and blush cheeks. Her makeup is really pretty and I think it goes really well with her slightly tanned “skin” tone. She also has gorgeous thick long black hair past her waist, but not as long as Tropical Miko’s hair. Polynesian Barbie looks like a really beautiful Hawaiian princess!

Traditional Luau attire!

Now let’s talk about her costume! Polynesian Barbie wears the traditional attire worn by female dancers during the Luau party, consisting of a grass skirt and a flowered top. The grass skirt, made of plastic, has the same fabric design at the waist as the red top. She also wears a strap made of wooden beads and colored plastic ones around her hips. And of course, to celebrate the Luau she can’t miss her lei flower necklace as well as her flower crown! She looks perfectly beautiful in her traditional attire!

Polynesian Barbie doll #12700

Polynesian Barbie also comes with pearl earrings and ring, hair brush, her own special edition stand, and box with nice art with information about Polynesia. Now she’s ready to dance to the rhythm of the music and the waves of the sea, and to celebrate the Luau as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. It’s time for Polynesian Barbie to party with her large family and friends, who work to preserve peace and joy among their people.

Polynesian Barbie says to everyone as they say in Tahiti, Parahi! (Good-bye!)

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