I want to share with you my first Barbie diorama ever! I got my inspiration from Super Style Barbie Beauty Salon & Boutique playset #8455, from 1989.

I had no experience doing scale Barbie stuff, so maybe some details look a little out of proportion. But, I put all my effort and dedication making this diorama.

Super Style Barbie Beauty Salon & Boutique playset brings 47 pieces that includes: vanity with opening drawer, chair, hair dryer, nail file, tweezer, mirror, cuticle nipper, scissors, comb, brush, perfume bottles, cold cream jar, hand cream jar, shampoo bottle, compact case, play soap, nail polish bottle, brush, comb, mirrors, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, counters, cash register, clothes rack, and more!

There is another playset quite similar to this one, Style Magic Barbie Beauty Salon Boutique, but it has color variations and different ID number. I bought a used playset, and it was missing a few pieces, so I tried to make it look its best.

Among the missing pieces were the counter top and the sink water tap. I solved the counter top with foam sheet and cardboard, and the water tap with LEGO pieces. I used cardboard and pink and white foam sheets for the floor, and printed some Barbie images to make “posters.”

To bring this diorama to life I used Beauty Secrets Barbie, Black Barbie, Twirly Curls Barbie, Day to Night Barbie, and Great Shape Barbie. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed assembling it!

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