The Heart Family Mom and Baby Girl 1984

Welcome to The Heart Family…where there’s plenty of love to go around! Life together is oh-so-wonderful! Mom just adores her little Baby Girl! With Mom, days are filled with fun adventures because “Fun is being part, of a family that’s all heart”.

This year I had a wonderful early Mother’s Day gift! My husband surprised me with a lovely bundle of The Heart Family dolls and playsets! The cutest doll haul I’ve ever had! I remember very well when Mattel launched The Heart Family line in the 80’s. Those cute commercials that started with The Heart Family animated and then showed you a cute and happy couple of Mom and Dad with their twins, a baby girl and a baby boy, all very well dressed and combined as the perfect family! I always wanted to have the deluxe package that included all four dolls, but back then it wasn’t possible. Although The Heart Family line has a wide variety of dolls and playsets, only a limited number of them were available in toy stores in Puerto Rico. But now as an adult I can see that there is a whole world of dolls, fashions, and play accessories of this beautiful family that I have decided to enter and be part of. The Heart Family are Barbie’s friends. You can find them in Caucasian and African American versions.

Mom and Baby Girl made in Taiwan.

I received the single box of The Heart Family Mom and Baby Girl #9078, manufactured in 1984. This is the version made in Taiwan, which makes me very happy since it is my favorite version of Mom. This doll has a very special face mold, the same one that Mattel later used on the Jazzie doll, Barbie’s teenage cousin. Mom has pretty almond-shaped blue eyes with soft mauve pink eyeshadow and pinkish coral lipstick. She has caramel highlights in her pretty wavy light brown hair, half up and tied with a pink ribbon. Mom wears a very feminine style long dress in light pink with a delicate white flower print. The dress has a white lace collar, long sleeves with white lace trim and a large white ribbon bow at hip height. She also wears tights, open-toed white shoes, a diamond ring, and a wedding ring.

The Heart Family is filled with love!

Baby Girl likes to dress like Mom! The little 4 ½” doll wears a cute little pink dress in the same style as Mom, as well as tights. Baby Girl has wavy blonde hair styled in two pigtails with pink ribbons. She also has pretty blue eyes like Mom’s and blushing chubby little cheeks that make you want to squeeze! Baby Girl also has white lace booties. Isn’t that the cutest thing?

The Heart Family Mom and Baby Girl #9078,

Mom and Baby Girl come in a beautiful box with photos of The Heart Family. Dolls include brush and comb, and The Heart Family Album booklet with photos of the family sharing moments together, plus a birth certificate.

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