The New Year 2024 makes its entrance and Barbie also makes her grand entrance looking absolutely stunning for what promises to be an Evening Extravaganza!

Evening Extravaganza Barbie doll #11622

Evening Extravaganza Barbie from 1993 is a doll that has not been given due recognition. This sophisticated Barbie doll is a tribute to elegance and good taste. She is part of the Classique Collection, the third collection in a series of limited dolls and designed by Kitty Black Perkins, designer of Mattel’s first Black Barbie. This Barbie, made in China, is Barbie doll #11622 and was created for collectors ages 14 and up. This third collection also includes African-American Evening Extravaganza Barbie doll and Uptown Chic Barbie doll.

Rooted eyelashes highlight her gorgeous eyes!

I really love the effort and dedication that went into making Evening Extravaganza Barbie! Every detail was done to perfection! She has a spectacular face like a TV star! Large and vivid turquoise blue eyes with violet details, show off fabulous evening makeup, with black eyeliner on top and turquoise eye shadow with a touch of soft shimmering violet. Rooted eyelashes highlight her gorgeous eyes! Fuchsia lipstick and pink blush perfectly complement her striking makeup. She wears her curly blonde hair in a sideswept hairstyle.

Let the New Year’s Eve celebration begin!

Evening Extravaganza Barbie wears her best clothes for the end of year festivities and for any special occasion that requires looking fabulous and regal! She wears a stunning strapless pink sheath in glittering fabric that reflects colors and lights…with a real zipper! Her fabulous wrap fans out in tiny iridescent pleats for a real show-stopping look. Dazzling beaded earrings and necklace, and hot pink long gloves add sophistication.

Evening Extravaganza Barbie 1993
A sleek, swirling sensation for glamorous nights!

Evening Extravaganza Barbie comes with pink high heels and includes a nice stand for the doll. She comes in a beautiful display box with a metallic blue insert that makes her stand out. The box has a nice doll design on the front and behind the cover a photo with a description of the Barbie. On the back it shows a photo of designer Kitty Black Perkins with a brief review of her.

Mattel Barbie designer, Kitty Black Perkins.
Sensational in splendid, sparkling pink, Evening Extravaganza Barbie doll owns the night. Happy New Year 2024!

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