Barbie The Movie Doll 2023

“It is the best day ever, so was yesterday and so is tomorrow!” I’m excited because today I publish my post number 100, and what better way than to share with you my new Barbie The Movie doll inspired by the incredibly beautiful actress, Margot Robbie!

This doll, inspired by Barbie The Movie that will be released in theaters of the United States on July 21, 2023, is part of the first wave of dolls and playsets released by Mattel on the occasion of the long-awaited premiere of the summer. I bought the doll through Amazon, and I’m very pleased that they made the shipment in a reinforced box, so it arrived in perfect condition.

First, I want to talk to you about the Barbie box as such. I admit they were very creative in designing the box. I love the colors, the graphics and the photos in it! The insert of the box was great with images of Barbie’s dream house in Barbie Land! You can appreciate that famous pink slide that will appear in the movie! I really loved that detail! I was also fascinated by the back of the box which shows a picture of Margot Robbie in Barbie’s pink 1956 Corvette. That was a plus!

Barbie The Movie doll HPJ96

Now let’s talk about the doll! At first, like many, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about her. In the photos of the prototype, she didn’t look so good as we thought she would. I think most of us had very different and higher expectations about a doll in the likeness of Margot Robbie. But after we saw the doll already on sale the impression we had changed a little, and I say a little because I think Mattel could get more out of it. Just to mention one thing: that “Betty, La Fea” (“Ugly Betty”) bangs! I really don’t know how they didn’t think of released the doll with parted bangs as Margot Robbie wears in the movie! That would have been fine to begin with. But in general, this Barbie The Movie doll looks pretty good, it’s just a matter of highlighting in her those features that make her look even more like Margot.

“Greetings from Barbie Land! Wishing you the best day ever!”
Barbie is all set to have the best day ever in Barbie Land!

Barbie is ready to have the best day ever in Barbie Land! Barbie doll models a vintage-inspired pink and white gingham dress with a matching belt and full, pleated skirt. This sweet dress is a timeless classic modeled after one of her character’s iconic looks in Barbie The Movie. The doll also wears a daisy chain necklace, daisy drop earrings, adorable, flowered bracelet, heart-adorned pink pumps, and her blond hair is styled in a half-up do and tied with a pink ribbon. The heels are made of a very flexible plastic material that bends easily when you stand up the doll. This doll also comes with a Barbie Made To Move body which makes it easy and fun to pose it. She is my first MTM Barbie ever! I’m very happy to own it and be able to expand my collection beyond just vintage Barbie dolls! Have the best day ever friends!


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