It’s a beautiful new day! Barbie wakes up fresh in the morning, ready to do her chores for the day! Join Barbie for a day at Barbie Totally Real House and experience the fun of staying at home with Barbie!

It was so much fun to set up the scenes for this Barbie diorama! I was working on it for about two weeks during some free time. To achieve a somewhat realistic story, I combined Barbie playsets and accessories along with other dollhouse elements and some scale details. My favorite added items are the Zuru Mini Brands. I was also working on two DIY projects which I wanted to include in my scenes: spaghetti with meatballs and the “Swiffer” floor cleaner. Hope you enjoy A Day at Barbie Totally Real House diorama!

“Good morning, Barbie! It’s time to get up! A busy day at home awaits you!”

But first things first! Barbie brushes her teeth and takes care of her oral health to keep her beautiful smile.

There’s nothing like a good breakfast to start the day! But oh, no! The milk is running out! I think it’s time for Barbie to go to the grocery store and buy some.

Barbie takes advantage of the visit to the grocery store and buys some other things that she needed as well. “Look, Barbie. You’ve got mail!”

Barbie takes the groceries out of the shopping bag. Now, it’s time to put everything in its place!

Barbie finishes putting everything that goes in the fridge. Now, it’s time to change clothes to do chores around the house.

A Day at Barbie's House Diorama

It’s laundry day! Loads of fun!

Barbie transfers clean clothes from the washing machine to the dryer. Laundry is like wash, dry, fold, repeat!

It’s been a busy morning for Barbie. Time to cook something to eat! “That smells good, Barbie!”

Barbie enjoys a delicious plate of homemade spaghetti with meatballs. Barbie loves Italian cuisine! “Bon appétit, Barbie!”

After eating, it’s time to wash the dishes! Barbie likes to keep the kitchen clean.

Finally, cleaning the floor! All clean and sparkling!

Now, a well-deserved refreshing shower!

Barbie blow-dries and brushes her hair. It’s time to pamper herself!

A moment to catch up on the mail! Barbie received the first issue to her subscription to Barbie Magazine and flips through it. She also received postcards from her friends Midge and Allan who are on vacation.

It’s been a busy day for Barbie! But now it’s time for her to relax and get comfortable by watching her favorite movie and grabbing some snacks. Thanks for joining Barbie on her day at home! Sit down with her and enjoy the evening too!

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