In 1965, the American Girl Barbie doll made her debut. The Peck Aubry Collection recreated her look and trend-setting styles down to the smallest detail, back to the source of her original creation…to paper doll.

This beautiful Barbie paper doll from 1995 is an exact representation of the 1965 American Girl Barbie doll that Mattel initially called the Bendable Leg Barbie for its new life-like bendable legs. It was her perky “Dutch Boy” style haircut that eventually gave her the name American Girl. She wore a stylish make-up and came in different hair tones to choose from: light blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde, yellow blonde, redhead, and brunette. This Barbie paper doll wears a one-piece strapless red bathing suit.

The 1965 American Girl Barbie Paperdoll
The 1965 American Girl Barbie Paperdoll

This paper doll comes in a beautiful hot pink packaging with designs alluding to the original first Barbie. The back of the packaging has written the brief history of Barbie Millicent Roberts and the changes she had during her early years.

The package includes one 11½-inch Barbie Paper Doll, 17 authentic paper Barbie Fashions: 9 fashions in full color and 8 fashions to be colored. The fashions do not come pre-cut, so it’s necessary to use scissors.

Barbie Fashion #1645 (1965-1966), #1678 (1966), and #1652 (1966-1967).
Barbie Fashion #1656 (1966-1977), #1635 (1965), #1664 (1966-1967), #1668 (1966-1967), #1625 (1965), and #1651 (1966-1967).
Barbie Fashion #1667 (1966-1967) and #1640 (1965).
Barbie Fashion #1643 (1965), #1663 (1966-1977), #1642 (1965), #1661 (1966), #1647 (1965), and Sears Exclusive Pink Formal (1966)

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