The Heart Family Dad and Baby Boy 1984

Dad and Baby Boy like to do things together! With Dad, the days are full of fun adventures…with trips to the park, the zoo and lots of wonderful places, cause The Heart Family is where there is plenty of love to go around!

The Heart Family Dad and Baby Boy was another one of the beautiful surprises I received as an early Mother’s Day gift this year. The single box with Dad and Baby Boy is just one of the many amazing things you can find in the world of The Heart Family. In the 80’s, Mattel launched a wide variety of dolls, fashions, and playsets on the occasion of one of its most beautiful and beloved collections, The Heart Family. The incredible line includes single and deluxe packages of different themes such as Bathtime Fun, Surprise Party, Kiss & Cuddle, Disneyland Park, among others, including Mom, Dad, and baby dolls. You can also find other family members such as grandparents, baby cousins, and even baby neighbors. The funniest playsets are also part of this collection among which is The Heart Family house, family car, family bicycle, nursery, camper, playground, and much more! There was another Mattel family in the 1970s known as The Sunshine Family, which is the forerunner of The Heart Family, so the concept had been around since the previous decade.

Dad and Baby Boy made in Taiwan.

This single pack of Dad and Baby Boy was made in Taiwan in 1984. Dad’s doll is the same one Mattel used to represent Ken doll in the 1980s. Dad has brown “hair”, blue eyes, and a big smile on his face. He wears one-piece of long white pants with suspenders, blue long-sleeved shirt with white collar, white sleeve cuffs with pink heart printed, and pink tie with heart printed. He also brings white socks and white shoes.

“Fun is being part, of a family that’s all heart”.

Baby Boy likes to look as handsome as Dad, that’s why he dresses like him! The small 4.5″ doll comes with a one-piece white bodysuit, (shirt/tights) with pink velvet bow tie, blue romper with suspenders with printed hearts, and blue hat with white accents. Baby Boy has straight light brown hair, blue eyes like Dad, and a cute little face with chubby pink cheeks. And he smells like real baby powder! Isn’t he adorable?

The Heart Family Dad and Baby Boy #9079

The Heart Family Dad and Baby Boy #9079 come in a beautiful box with family photos. The box also includes The Heart Family Album booklet with colorful pictures of the family sharing moments together, plus a birth certificate.

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