One beautiful, shimmering morning, when the sunlight shone over the field, Barbie heard a lovely melody as she took a walk outside. It was the sweetest song she had ever heard! Join Songbird Barbie to find out who sings such a beautiful song!

In my opinion, Songbird Barbie from 1995 is one of the prettiest Barbie dolls of the 90’s. Despite its simplicity, Songbird Barbie conquered the hearts of the little ones through that TV commercial that we all remember in which we saw her as a beautiful princess dressed in blue coming out of her mansion to the garden where a blue bird sings a magical song that brings the prince to her. I seem to be listening to the song from the commercial right now! Indeed, the blue bird, which I assume is a nightingale, really sings! I recently added Songbird Barbie to my collection and to my surprise after almost 30 years the bird still works! I know many collectors haven’t had the same luck as me. Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable, and I guess it’s only a matter of time before mine stops working as well.

Following the sweet melody, Barbie heads into the woods. She finds a nest and now she knows who’s singing the joyful song!

Songbird Barbie has several versions and was manufactured in China and Indonesia. I have the Indonesian version with a stronger makeup than other versions. The box also varies in some versions as “Songbird” appears in several languages, including RuiseƱor which is a nightingale in Spanish. Mattel also released alongside the blonde Songbird Barbie an African American version and a Songbird Teresa in a lavender dress.

Barbie makes a birdhouse and sets up a bird feeder with delicious seeds. Then, she waits patiently.

Songbird Barbie has beautiful long light blonde hair with bangs, adorned with a blue ribbon with a shimmering pink flower. She has lively blue eyes, like the sky when it dawns in the morning, framed by perfectly outlined eyebrows and long eyelashes that give her a very expressive look. Her makeup is very vivid and colorful. She wears light blue eyeshadow accented by dramatic blue cat-eye liner, and fuchsia lipstick, all perfectly harmonized with her dreamy fantasy outfit!

The wait was worth it! A beautiful blue bird comes to eat seeds at Barbie’s hand!

Songbird Barbie wears a dress that looks like something out of a fairy tale! She reminds me of the Cinderella life action movie with her blue dress ready for the ball, the only thing that instead of having butterflies in it Barbie’s has shimmering flowers! Her radiant turquoise blue dress with glitter and iridescent flowers of different colors and ruffled sleeves makes her look like a real princess! But her outfit wouldn’t be complete without her very special jewelry. I love her pearly pink rose necklace matching her little rose earrings and rose ring! Songbird Barbie comes with turquoise blue heels and comes with a hairbrush in the same color.

Songbird Barbie 1995
Barbie has been so kind and gentle that the bird sings a song for her! Now the songbird knows that she and her chicks have a very special new friend.

What makes Songbird Barbie truly special and unique is the blue bird she comes with. The songbird really sings and “magically” balances on Barbie’s hand and on your fingertip! You can also find pretty play pieces in cardboard inside for songbird that include a birdhouse, bird feeder, seed box, nest with eggs, and water fountain! The Songbird Barbie box comes on the back with a beautiful picture of Barbie with the songbird. There is a short story with a dialogue between the two in which the songbird expresses its desire to sing to the children of the world.

Songbird Barbie doll #14320

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