Astronaut Barbie 1985

1985 Astronaut Barbie is proud to be chosen for a special mission to the moon, and she’s determined to add a bit of fashion to the space program with glamour and adventure that’s out of this world!

Astronaut Barbie is getting ready for her space mission! She also conducts a study of the constellations. Barbie is very qualified for this special mission, and she loves her job!

Barbie has always been inspired by astronauts who accomplish amazing things! Barbie went to space for the first time in 1965! Two years before Barbie went to space, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. Since then, Mattel has released close to 10 space-related Barbies, to inspire girls that they can be anything, as early as the 60’s, during a time when it was uncommon for girls to pursue a career in STEM.

Barbie walks through the moon in pink knee-length boots! She really looks out of this world with her glittery spacesuit!

From all the versions of astronaut Barbie dolls created by Mattel, my favorite is the one from 1985, designed by Carol Spenser. Made in Malaysia, this gorgeous and fun Barbie doll #2449 evokes the female characters from the 70’s space TV series with her sparkly and extravagant outfit. She has long shiny honey blonde hair and bold, eye-catching makeup that makes her look like a space sci-fi movie star. She wears metallic green eyeliner on top, teal eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick, the perfect makeup for a night under the stars! This distinctive makeup makes her easy to identify among the Barbies of the Superstar Era.

Barbie finds some sparkling moon rocks and takes samples of them to study.

1985 Astronaut Barbie blasts off for the stars in a glittery magenta spacesuit with silver bodice, pleated sleeves, and a shiny silver belt at the waist. Her super-sonic space helmet keeps moon dust out of her hair. She walks through space in pink knee-length boots and wears a “diamond” ring to attract moonbeams. She carries a pack on her back so she can rocket from planet to planet with ease! This Barbie doll also features a pleated mini skirt, an additional reversible belt in silver and magenta, and sparkly silver tights for a space-age party look!

Barbie is about to finish her mission, but first she enjoys the spectacular space view doing a flying solo.

Astronaut Barbie also comes with purse, computer keyboard, flagpole, flag with Barbie name, hairbrush, 2 space maps, official astronaut certificate, label sheet, and instructions. Once again it’s demonstrated that “We girls can do anything…right Barbie?

Astronaut Barbie celebrates the success of her mission! Now she shines like the stars in the sky! Would the moon rocks have anything to do?

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