Quick Curl Barbie is a cute and curly sight in pink and white! You can curl her magic hair instantly! Easily, change her hair to 70’s bold and varied styles in seconds!!

Cute and curly sight in pink and white!

Another one of my favorite Barbie eras, besides the Superstar Era, is Mod Barbie Era. The Mod Barbie Dolls Era began in 1967 with the release of the Vintage Twist ‘n Turn Barbie dolls, known as TNT Barbies. This groovy Era of Barbie lasts until the late 70’s when the Superstar Era begins. With the introduction of Mod Era, Mattel redesigned Barbie’s body by giving her a twisting waist and a new face mold, called the TNT face. With the influence of Pop culture in the world of Barbie, the most famous doll of all time received a younger and hippier look!

Sweet TNT face mold!

Quick Curl Barbie, manufactured in Taiwan in 1972, is one of the most well-known and appreciated Barbie dolls of the Mod Era because it introduced a new type of hair that could be styled and curled instantly, without water or setting lotion! She has TNT face mold, which has a deep indentation of the forehead down to the nose and a slightly open mouth. Quick Curl Barbie has beautiful blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and blonde hair with strands of tinsel that make it easy to curl and keep its shape. She has a twistable waist, straight arms, bendable legs, and little toes. Her floor-length gingham dress has long sheer sleeves with ruffly cuffs and black ribbon trim. My Quick Curl Barbie doll is second hand and didn’t bring her original white pumps or accessories, plus you can see she had a haircut! The original doll wears decorative beads in her hair and comes with curler, comb, brush, ribbons, white bobby pins, and rubber bands. Along with Quick Curl Barbie, Mattel launched Quick Curl Kelley, Quick Curl Francie, and Quick Curl Skipper.

Quick Curl Barbie doll #4220

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