Fashion Photo Barbie 1977

Fashion Photo Barbie is the picture perfect fashion model of the 70’s! Like a cover girl, with 9 different looks to pose, she’s the picture of beauty of Barbie Superstar Era!

Fashion Photo Barbie doll #2210

Fashion Photo Barbie is ready for her photo shoot! She’s quite a supermodel! The camera loves her! That’s why she stars on magazine covers. She’s the most sought after model in the 70’s! Made in Taiwan in 1977, and launched by Mattel along with her best friends, PJ and Christie, Fashion Photo Barbie marked the Barbie Superstar Era and remains as an icon of that decade.

This gorgeous Barbie doll has a beautiful superstar face with very pretty blue eyes, made up with the typical blue eye shadow of the late 70’s, and with cat eye liner that gives an elongated effect to her eyes. She also has beautiful layered highlighted blonde hair, a style very seen among the supermodels of the 70’s.

Gorgeous Superstar face!
Fashion Photo Barbie is modeling Jewel Secrets Barbie Jewelry Set.

Fashion Photo Barbie poses for a perfect fashion shot in the glamorous mix ‘n match wardrobe she wears many ways. Her glittery gold bodice is a dazzling bodysuit! With it she wears dramatic red evening pants, for a more sophisticated look, or bright red pencil skirt, for a classy look. For a more impressive and glamorous look, Barbie adds to her outfit a flowing floor length skirt of cherry, red, and yellow tulle. This fabulous piece can be worn in different ways on her waist, shoulders and even her head, adding movement to Barbie photos! She accents her fabulous outfit with red strap-style heels and sparkly earrings, ring, and necklace.

She looks like a real 70’s supermodel!
“Let’s try another pose, Barbie! The camera loves you!”
Mix ‘n match costumes for 9 different looks!

Fashion Photo Barbie has a “camera” and modeling stand connected by remote control. You can “focus” the camera and Barbie changes her fashion pose. Even the camera lens changes color! Fashion Photo Barbie includes fun photos of her too! Too much fun playing with Fashion Photo Barbie back then and now!

Fashion Photo Barbie 1977
“Give us some movement, Barbie! That’s it! You look fabulous!”

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