Totally Hair Barbie 1991

The best-selling Barbie doll of all time is back in vogue! She’s Totally Hair Barbie who made everyone totally crazy about her back in the 90’s and brings everyone upside down again!

Mile-High Hair!

According to Guinness World Records, Totally Hair Barbie is the best-selling Mattel’s doll to date, selling more than 10 million dolls worldwide! The Barbie doll with “the longest hair ever” on that date (10.5 inches) once again captures everyone’s attention after actress Margot Robbie brought this iconic 90’s Barbie to life during her press tour in Mexico while promoting the new film Barbie The Movie and that it was also represented in the movie.

Bouffant Beauty!

This Barbie doll with bold hair and kaleidoscopic outfit comes in multiple versions. In addition to the typical blonde-haired Barbie, there is a brunette and an Afro-American version. The Totally Hair collection also includes Ken, Skipper, Courtney, and a rare version of Whitney with steffie face mold. There is a reproduction of Totally Hair Barbie that was released by Mattel for the 25th Anniversary of the doll’s release.

The half-up do to the side with poof hair bands…90’s classic!

My blonde version of Totally Hair Barbie was made in China in 1991. She has crimped ankle-long hair with which you can create countless hairstyles, as many as your imagination can create! She also has bangs that are easy to comb in a 90’s style! Her pretty blue eyes have vibrant shades of eye shadow, which was very fashionable in that decade. Her lipstick has a pale pink color which contrasts perfectly with the rest of the makeup and makes it harmonize with the whole outfit.

Headband Hip!

Totally Hair Barbie wears a multicolor Emilio Pucci-inspired printed minidress with long sleeves. The swirling abstract shapes of wild colors on the fabric take you back in time when neon colors were all the rage! She comes with hot pink triangle drop earrings and a triangle ring, another 90’s fashion detail that incorporated geometric shapes into its design. To complete her outfit, she comes with hot pink heels. She looks Totally fabulous!

“She has the longest hair ever!”

Totally Hair Barbie comes with real Dep Styling Gel, 5 chic accessories in bold hair colors, and hair pick. She also brings an instruction booklet so you can learn how to make her the most fabulous looks! Totally Hair Barbie is still the ultimate in hairstyle fun!

Totally Hair Barbie doll #1112

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