Barbie Pets

Barbie Pets are adorable mini collectible figures of cute puppies and kittens that you’ll definitely want to add to your Barbie collection!

These cute little Barbie friends are part of the Barbie Pets Series 8 which consists of 13 mini figures including a rare glitter figure! Barbie Pets are colorful and velvety and each one comes with an accessory that makes it unique and adds personality. Barbie Pets comes in individual surprise packs with cute pictures of Barbie and photo of all the Pets on the back. The package also includes an insert pamphlet with all the Pets and their breed’s name so you can mark them as you collect. Barbie Pets were made in China in 2020. Here are the ones that are part of my collection! Which ones do you have?

Border Collie
Barbie Pets Mini Collectible Figures

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