Barbie Magic Moves Gumball Machine

Barbie Magic Moves is a Mattel line from the 90’s with action accents that work by winding it up!

This Barbie Magic Moves gumball machine, made in China in 1996, really has popping action when you wind it up! The light blue gumball machine with small light blue, yellow and white foam balls, is one of several action accents for Barbie including food processor, popcorn maker, CD player, dust cleaner, toaster, among others that were released by Mattel during the 90’s. The Barbie Magic Moves line of the 90’s is similar to Barbie’s Action Accents line of the 80’s which also worked with a winding mechanism. I love my Barbie gumball machine! It looks pretty realistic and it’s perfect to use in my dioramas!

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