Animal Lovin’ Barbie enjoys the pleasant autumn weather in her exciting safari fashion #1594! With this amazing and fun outfit, Barbie is ready to enjoy her new adventure in the savanna! Barbie, always fashionable no matter the season of the year!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie Fashions #1594 Asst. #1601

I really love this Animal Lovin’ Barbie Fashion, made in China in 1988! I think it’s perfect for Barbie to go on safari during the fall season. This fashion with autumn colors consists of a shirt with a giraffe skin print with tiny golden dots. This fashion also comes with a long beige baggy style pants, very fashionable in the 80’s! The pants have integrated a fanny pack in metallic bronze, very practical and fashionable for Barbie! It also comes with beige sneakers. She blends perfectly with nature in this outfit that shouts loudly “Let’s go on Safari!”

Animal Lovin’ Barbie looks beautiful and very comfortable in this fashion! She always has the perfect outfit no matter if she is called by the jungle or the African savanna. Her mission is to take care of animals wherever they need her help, and of course, looking like only Barbie knows how to look!

Barbie is in fashion for her new adventure with the colors of the autumn season.
Animal Lovin’ Barbie is ready for safari adventure!
It’s dawning in the savanna. A spectacular day awaits Barbie!

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