Fun to Dress Barbie, from 1988, was the model of the year! She was made specially to model genuine Barbie fashion. But don’t be fooled! She may look like a simple doll, but she has a spectacular face and hair that make her look the most beautiful on the runway.

Fun to Dress Barbie doll #1372

Her name says it all! Fun to Dress Barbie was designed for girls to have fun dressing her in different clothes. That’s why this beautiful Barbie comes with underwear. She wears a soft pink lingerie bodysuit with white lace details.

My Fun to Dress Barbie was made in Malaysia. She has pretty big blue eyes with beautiful makeup, and her hair is so soft and silky! She shouts BARBIE from the rooftops! There’re other Fun to Dress Barbies released by Mattel from other years: 1987, 1989, and 1992.

Pretty superstar face!

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