Beauty Secrets Barbie 1979

Do you have any beauty secret? Barbie sure does! 1979 Beauty Secrets Barbie #1290 is a realistical poseable doll with beauty action arms! This doll has many special features. You can pose her wrist and bend her elbow. Help Barbie get ready for a glamorous evening!

To help Beauty Secrets Barbie with her beauty routine, place one of her accessories in her hand, then place her hand and arm in the desired position. Press the button on her back to make her arms move. Press right side of her back to make her right arm move; press left side for left arm movement; press center of back to make both arms move. It’s that easy!

Make her brush her teeth, wash and powder her face, comb her hair, put on lipstick, and powder her legs! Beauty Secrets Barbie accessories includes: comb, brush, lipstick, hand “mirror,” powder puff, hair dryer, toothbrush, 2 perfume bottles, compact with “mirror,” wash mitt, and carry case with “mirror” that doubles as beauty center! Also includes a doll stand.

Beauty Secrets Barbie Accessories. The furniture in the photo is part of Super Style Barbie Beauty Salon and Boutique playset #8455.

Beauty Secrets Barbie comes with extra long blonde hair and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a lacy body suit, frilly sheer jacket and long tricot skirt. She also has strappy pink shoes, characteristic of 70’s Barbies. She’s so lovely in her long evening fashion! In my opinion, Beauty Secrets Barbie is one of the most beautiful Barbies released by Mattel.

1979 Beauty Secrets Barbie with carry case.

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