Great Shape Barbie is about to start her workout! Barbie knows it’s important to stay active to stay healthy. Come join Barbie to the gym and stay in great shape too!

Great Shape Barbie doll #7025

Great Shape Barbie is a classic! This version was made in Philippines in 1983, and I think is the most beautiful version of this Barbie doll! I love her iconic superstar face from the 80’s! She has those big blue eyes with blue top eyeliner characteristic of Barbie dolls at the beginning of that decade. That’s why I think this version represents the Superstar Barbie era better than Hong Kong or China versions. Great Shape Barbie also has gorgeous long blonde hair. Her hair is so soft, silky, and shiny! It’s just perfect!

Great Shape Barbie is practicing some ballet steps to stretch.

Barbie knows it’s important to wear the right clothes when she goes to workout. So she comes with a suitable outfit to move and do her exercises. Great Shape Barbie wears a jazzy full body turquoise leotard, luscious leg warmers, bright headband (mine is missing), pink sash, and pink ballet slippers. She also comes with a roomy pink workout bag, and an illustrated exercise booklet with her routine. Doesn’t Barbie look great in her workout clothes?

Now she’s making scissor lifts.

Great Shape Barbie stays active and fit by following a regular exercise routine. It’s super fun to play exercises with Great Shape Barbie! You can make her do tendon stretches, sit-ups, scissor lifts, back leg extensions, or ballet practice! Barbie, don’t forget to inhale and exhale! You’re almost done! Are you working out to stay active and healthy like Barbie?

Barbie is about to finish her workout with some sit-ups. Just keep going, Barbie!
Great Shape Barbie finished her workout! It’s time to pamper herself in Super Style Barbie Beauty Salon and Boutique.

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