Today is Barbie’s Birthday! Let’s celebrate her 63 years since her creation by remembering this amazing reproduction of the Original 1959 Barbie, from her 35th Anniversary! But first, a little history of the most famous American Teenage Fashion Model ever!

Barbie Millicent Roberts was “born” on March 9, 1959, the date she was first unveiled at Toy Fair, the official toy industry trade show. Barbie was invented by Ruth Marianna Handler, who served as the president of the toy manufacturer Mattel Inc. Handler “dreamed of a real fashion doll who would become an extension of little girls’ dreams.” And since then, more than a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide!

35th Anniversary Barbie doll #11590

The Special Edition Reproduction for the 35th Anniversary of Barbie looks as vibrant and fresh as the original from 1959! Her silky hair is styled into her signature ponytail with curly bangs, a definite legacy from the 50’s! She has a delicately painted face, which recreates the so coy look of the original, and her bright red lips match her polished fingernails and toenails.

Original 1959 Barbie doll and package reproduction.

Barbie is ready for beach, or poolside parties, in her strapless black and white striped swimsuit. She wears beautiful golden hoop earrings, and open-toe high heeled shoes. For a perfect end to a perfect look, she wears her unique blue-lens sunglasses framed in white. Doesn’t she look innocent and glamorous? Barbie is a real fashion model!

Barbie, wearing her unique 50’s style glasses.

Original 1959 Barbie repro comes blonde and brunette, as they were originally released, when blondes outnumbered brunettes two to one! This Special Edition from the 35th Anniversary Barbie comes with a replica of the original package she came in (That I really like it so much!), doll stand, and booklet with a message from Ruth Handler, doll description, and Barbie family tree! This is a “Must” for any Barbie collector! And today we all join together to say: Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Barbie is the most famous American Teenage Fashion Model ever!

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    1. Until now I have never seen with yellow sunglasses. I have seen both the original and reproduction versions with white sunglasses. Thanks for your visit! 😊

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