Spring is here! It’s the season of fragrance, beauty, fresh leaves, and flowers. So, Barbie celebrates it dressed in one of the most beautiful Barbie Fashions ever made! It’s Springtime Magic Barbie Fashion #7092 from 1983!

Springtime Magic Barbie Fashion #7092

This beautiful and cute outfit belongs to Frühlingszauber Barbie from 1983, released by Mattel in Germany, which is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Barbies ever made! But if you couldn’t get Frühlingszauber Barbie, Mattel released her entire outfit as Springtime Magic Barbie Fashion #7092 from Collector Series II, and you could dress your own Barbie like Frühlingszauber!

This Barbie Fashion is colorful and delicate like a spring flower blossom! It consists of a beautiful long strapless petticoat dress, in white with traces of pink, violet and silver lines. The skirt of the dress has a beautiful and delicate embroidered detail of magenta and violet flowers, and small leaves at the bottom. It’s complemented by a cute white boa stole with magenta trim, and a white hat with magenta and violet ribbon. And of course, how to forget that little white basket with “flowers!” Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Any Barbie doll looks gorgeous in this fashion!

This amazing Barbie Fashion also comes with heels and a dress hanger. Springtime Magic Barbie Fashion it’s in my opinion the most precious Barbie outfit that has ever existed! Now Barbie is ready to take a walk through the flower field and enjoy the pleasant spring weather. Enjoy the season like Barbie!

Crystal Barbie looks really beautiful wearing Springtime Magic Barbie Fashion!

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