Holiday Barbie 2015

Holiday Barbie 2015 looks like coming out of a Christmas card! Through fragrant evergreen forests, Barbie is dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh! Inspired by merry colors and jingling silvery bells, Barbie arrives with a wish of love and laughter for everyone at the holidays!

Despite not being a fan of Mackie Barbie dolls, and mostly collecting Barbies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, I could not miss sharing this beautiful Holiday Barbie. Holiday Barbie 2015 was the first Barbie I acquired as an adult! As a child I always played with Barbies, but I couldn’t keep any. Already as a mom when I went to the toy section in stores I always liked to stay for a while admiring the Barbie dolls, and although they did not look exactly like those with which I played as a child, I was very nostalgic when remembering those beautiful moments. However, I never thought about buying any of them for myself and much less thought about starting a collection.

2015 Holiday Barbie doll #CHT00

One day in 2016 my husband was at the Kmart store in my town, and he called me to tell me that they had Barbie dolls in clearance. He knew how much I liked them and thought about buying one. And that’s how after many years I had a Barbie doll in my hands again! But it wasn’t until five years later that I officially started my collection. So that possibility started with Holiday Barbie 2015!

Holiday Barbie 2015 was released by Mattel in three versions: blonde, brunette, and African American. I’m very happy to have purchased the brunette version made in Indonesia; she’s my favorite version and she’s considered rare. I have always had a fascination towards brunette Barbie dolls, and when I had her in my hands, I fell in love with her although the Mackie face mold is not exactly my favorite.

Astonishing Mackie face mold!

Holiday Barbie 2015 comes in a model muse body type. The brunette version has a gorgeous Mackie face with a makeup specially designed for the Christmas holidays; even has her nails painted bright red! She has beautiful blue eyes that stand out thanks to her very light “skin” tone. Her brunette hair has glamorous loose curls that showcase a pair of stunning ornate silver earrings. This Holiday Barbie doll is festively dressed! She wears a dramatic garnet-colored gown with cascading ruffles and an underskirt of silvery foil brocade. An intricately sculpted, silvery trim accents her sweetheart neckline. She completes her festive outfit with nice red heels. I really love the box where she comes! It’s a premium gift-able packaging with an exquisite three-dimensional holiday tree with lacy white branches framing the radiant Barbie!

I’m very happy to share with you these photos I took of my Holiday Barbie 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing them and I can almost hear the jingle bells ringing! Happiest Holidays to you and may all your holiday wishes come true!

2015 Holiday Barbie sparks like a Christmas movie star!
“An old man doll…just what I’ve always wanted!”
A joyful and glamorous winter wonderland awaits Barbie!
Happy Holidays from Holiday Barbie 2015 and

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