Holiday Treats Barbie 1997

Christmas is coming! There is something about this season that makes it special to the rest of the year: spending time with family, exchanging gifts with friends, singing Christmas carols, beautiful decorations, and of course you cannot miss the sweet holiday treats that everyone loves! That delicious aroma of ginger, cinnamon, molasses, hot cocoa, and peppermint that invites us to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Barbie invites you to celebrate the holidays with her because Barbie is everyone’s favorite holiday hostess!

For the first time I decided to choose the gingerbread and peppermint theme for my Christmas decorations. I have small children at home, and I think it’s a very fun theme, and of course I love it too! So, this year I opted for a sweet Christmas. I wanted my house smelling like freshly baked cookies and candy canes. But I’m not very good at preparing all those treats, so I had to choose to buy several of those ready-made delicacies and several scented candles. Sure, I won’t miss the opportunity to bake some cookies with my kids and maybe ask Holiday Treats Barbie for a couple of tips, of course!

Holiday Treats Barbie doll #17236

Holiday Treats Barbie is a special edition of 1997. I have in my collection the Caucasian version and the Latin version, also known as Barbie Fiesta. I decided to integrate both into my decoration this year and looked for a special place for them under my Christmas tree. I also love doing crafts, especially for this season, so I included some of them in the photos I took. I think it complements everything very well!

Holiday Treats Barbie doll #18012

My two Holiday Treats Barbies are made in China. I love their red mini dresses with white collar, they look really cute! These Christmas beauties come with a white apron with green trim. The apron, fitted at the waist with a green ribbon, has a very cute gingerbread man printed on the front and two pairs of cardboard candy canes attached to both pockets. On the head they bring the same green waist ribbon. Both Holiday Treats Barbies come with pearl earrings and ring, red heels, and red hairbrush.

Those macaroons look delicious, Barbie!
Barbie Fiesta just finished the treats for the candy shop!

The Caucasian version has nice long shiny blonde hair, and the Latin version has long and beautiful brown hair. Both have pretty green eyes and have festive makeup with bright red lipstick. Personally, I like the Latin version better. She has more striking eyeshadow and eyeliner on the eyelid above. That detail gives a more vivid expression to her eyes, and the brown hair helps her stand out with her outfit, and of course because I’m also a Latin girl!

Beautiful box art!

I really love the art on the back of the box! It brings drawn some gingerbread men to give you an idea of how to decorate your gingerbread cookies at home. Are you ready to prepare some holiday treats with Barbie? Let the Fiesta NavideƱa begin!

Happy Holidays from Holiday Treats Barbie!

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