Dream Date with Barbie & Friends

Barbie is on a Dream Date with her friends Ken and PJ! They’re ready to say goodbye to the year in their most glamorous dresses and with the best view of New York City!

1982 Dream Date Barbie and Dream Date PJ

It’s a very special night! Everyone joins in the celebration, and you want to dress your best for the occasion! Barbie and her best friend PJ look gorgeous in their fabulous evening gowns! It’s the Farewell of the Year 2022 and they want to look stunning to welcome the New Year! It’s really fun to spend the New Year’s Eve with your best friend while you change your look all night long! Don’t they look beautiful in their glamorous dresses?

“Do you grant me this dance, Barbie?”

“Barbie, Ken is here!” Ken looks very handsome dressed in his tuxedo! It’s really romantic to dance with your loved one while looking together towards one of the best scenes at New York City Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge! New dreams await Barbie and Ken this New Year!

“What a great and beautiful night!” thinks PJ.

PJ enjoys the wonderful view! It’s a beautiful and special night for her too! She has great resolutions for the New Year, and she dreams of seeing all her wishes come true. Have you already made your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy New Year from Barbie & Friends!

I really love how the three of them look together! I’m happy to have the complete Dream Date Barbie line in my collection! It looks like one of those 80’s Barbie commercials! How many beautiful memories of the past brings me and how many new dreams are projected for the future! May all your dreams come true for this New Year 2023! Happy New Year from Barbie & Friends!

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