Barbie looks like a beautiful, modern bride in this wedding dress which is perfect for walking down the aisle and saying “I do!”

This is Barbie Fashion Pack GWF10, made in Indonesia in 2020. This fashion pack includes one complete bridal outfit for Barbie doll to play wedding day. The white strapless wedding dress has lace details and a pretty black bow that ties around the waist. The long veil with a “silver” tiara attached can be easily taken on and off. The bridal outfit also includes four bridal accessories that add the finishing touches to a special look. With pink high heels, silvery necklace, bracelet and pink bouquet of flowers, Barbie looks like the most beautiful bride ever! Whether for a casual or formal wedding, outdoors or indoors, this Barbie fashion pack is perfect for imaginary play or a Barbie Wedding Diorama. See my Barbie and Ken Wedding Diorama here.

Barbie Glitz Doll wearing Barbie Fashion Pack GWF10 Asst. GWC33


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