Sweet Lavender Barbie 1992

The sweetest girl has just made her entrance to her prom night with lavender rosettes on a long lovely gown! She’s Sweet Lavender Barbie from 1992, a special limited edition from Woolworth stores!

Sweet Lavender Barbie doll # 2522

Sweet Lavender Barbie is one of the most gorgeous Barbie dolls of the 90’s! I think she is underrated to be a Barbie doll with such a beautiful and lovely face and a spectacular evening gown. This Barbie, made in Malaysia in 1992, looks like a sweet “quinceañera” or a pretty young lady ready for her prom night in her voluminous formal lavender dress!

Lavender loveliness for formal occasions!

The name Sweet Lavender suits her perfectly! Let’s start with her pretty sweet face. She has these big beautiful blue eyes with long lashes that make them look very expressive. Her very well-suited evening makeup includes lavender eyeshadow, accent blush, and fuchsia lipstick. Those features make her face look very striking and appealing. Sweet Lavender Barbie also has long, thick, wavy, light blonde hair typical of Barbie dolls of the 1990s.

Lavender rosettes on a long lovely gown!

Sweet Lavender Barbie is more than just a pretty-faced doll. Her fabulous lavender ball gown makes her the queen of the prom! Her one-shoulder lovely gown has a pearly white top printed with colored metallic spots and a large bow with a violet rosette on the shoulder. The dress also has a long, voluptuous three-layered skirt consisting of shimmering light pink tulle, violet chiffon, and pink taffeta, with tulle ruffle with violet rosettes at the waistline. She completes her look with long ruffled gloves in combination with the dress. She also comes with “diamond” jewelry, violet heels, and pink hairbrush. Without a doubt, I can tell you that Sweet Lavender Barbie has been placed among my favorites in my collection!

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