Fashion Photo PJ Reproduction

She looks glamorous from the disco to the photoshoot! Fashion Photo PJ dazzled everyone in her debut in 1978 and now Mattel puts her back on the runway, one of Barbie’s best friends who made us turn our heads with her poses during the Superstar Era.

Fashion Photo PJ is ready to strike a pose and turn heads!

Fashion Photo PJ is one of the most beautiful dolls ever released by Mattel during the Superstar Era! I know that many agree with me and that the original Fashion Photo PJ is the “grail doll” of many collectors just like me. The reality is that the original Fashion Photo PJ is far out of my reach. Fortunately, Mattel had the great idea of ​​releasing a reproduction, quite faithful to the original and available to everyone, to commemorate her 45th Anniversary during this year 2023.

PJ poses for a perfect fashion shot!

Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for the Fashion Photo PJ repro after seeing the promotional photos that Mattel published. I saw the same skepticism among other collectors who were not entirely convinced by the appearance of the new reproduction doll. Then, real photos came out and the general opinion changed, achieving great acceptance and selling out the limited quantity of 20,000 dolls worldwide in a matter of a couple of hours! My husband did his thing and was one of the lucky ones to purchase her in time to surprise me on last Christmas day. What a beautiful surprise! She definitely exceeded my expectations! I’m so happy with her! She’s more than gorgeous!

Gorgeous steffie face sculpt!

Fashion Photo PJ reproduction is a Barbie Signature Gold Label doll designed by Bill Greening. The doll made in Indonesia has Steffie face sculpt and Superstar body type with a classic twisting waist and bendable legs. Fashion Photo PJ repro has thin eyebrows like the original doll, a typical style of the 70’s, pretty warm brown eyes, pouty coral lips, and very soft and silky wavy two tone chestnut hair. Her “skin” tone is paler than on the original doll.

Stylish azure pants!
Mix ‘n match costumes for 9 different looks!

Fashion Photo PJ is dressed in a metallic silver body suit with azure-colored pants and a layered, sheer tricolor overskirt in green, yellow, and azure and comes with a stylish azure pencil skirt for when she wants to totally transform her look. Superstar matching strap shoes and sparkling turquoise blue accessories complete her breathtaking ensemble. Fashion Photo PJ repro also comes with a doll stand, cardboard photos, and a certificate of authenticity. This reproduction does not include the “camera” or the remote-controlled modeling stand that comes with the original doll. She comes in a very nice box with beautiful artwork similar to the original box back in 1978.

Fashion Photo PJ is the picture of beauty!
Fashion Photo PJ reproduction doll and accessories.

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