Pretty Changes Barbie can go from disco to dressy! She has lots of different looks that she can change and rearrange. That’s why Pretty Changes Barbie is one of the most versatile dolls of her time!

Pretty Changes Barbie #2598

I’m not a real fan of short-haired Barbies, but Pretty Changes Barbie is among those few short-haired dolls that are nice to have in my collection. The thing I like most about her is that you can change her hair as often as you rearrange her fashion look. Unfortunately, the two hair falls on my Pretty Changes Barbie are too damaged and I can’t use them on her. But it’s okay! I have too many long-haired Barbies to style as I wish.

Help Barbie decide what look to wear!

My Pretty Changes Barbie, made in Philippines in 1978, has a shade of pink on her face that is different from the “skin” color on the rest of her body. From what I see it’s something common in this Barbie doll because it’s the same thing that other collectors comment on. However, she’s a pretty doll with blue eyes and light makeup. Her short blonde hair is curly and you can arrange it in a 70’s style.

Barbie decides to wear her bouffant skirt to match her overblouse.

Pretty Changes Barbie wears a glamorous satiny yellow jumpsuit with spaguetti straps. She also brings fashion hats and accessories that you can mix and match over and over again! Her pretty changes of clothes include a floor-length versatile sheer white hostess skirt, embroidered with a flowing white and yellow desing that ties at her waist with a satiny yellow ribbon, and a long-sleeved overblouse that match her skirt and that can be reversible.

How about wearing her other hat and giving a twist to her look?

Pretty Changes Barbie can add a sweet touch to her look by wearing her ruffled white and yellow floppy hat that can also be worn on her waist, around her shoulders, or as part of her top. But if she prefers, she can wear her picture hat for a more sophisticated look.

Too dressy!

To complete her outfit, Pretty Changes Barbie comes with a pink necklace, ring, and earrings. You can change her necklace for the yellow flower scarf for a delicate touch. She also wears yellow strap-style heels and brings long blonde and brunette hair falls, hairbrush, barrette and a doll stand. No matter which outfit change Barbie chooses, she always looks pretty with any change!

Barbie decides to keep it simple!
Or maybe one more change!

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