Solo in the Spotlight Barbie Reproduction

The lights dim. A hush falls over the audience. Barbie steps up to the microphone just as she did in 1960, wearing the most popular vintage fashion of all time, Solo in the Spotlight!

Solo in the Spotlight was a fashion for Barbie released by Mattel in 1960. You could get the set back then for $3.00! The Balenciaga design of 1951 captured the essence and glamour of a singing star on stage at the time. Solo in the Spotlight returned to popularity after actress Margot Robbie showed up dressed in a replica of this Barbie glamorous gown for the premiere of Barbie The Movie in summer 2023, stirring up feelings of nostalgia among Barbie lovers. But in case you are unable to buy an original Solo in the Spotlight, Mattel released in the 90’s a special edition reproduction of this fashion with doll in a blonde and brunette version!

Solo in the Spotlight reproduction #13534
“Onstage, this Barbie always sings her heart out.”

This beautiful reproduction of Solo in the Spotlight was made in Malaysia in 1994. It brings back the siren style look of that time and the features of the original Barbie doll with her signature ponytail with curly bangs, bright closed red lips, side glancing blue eyes, and very pale “skin” tone. A very beautiful face that reflects sophisticated style brimming with pure elegance and class.

Solo in the Spotlight Barbie reproduction #13820
“Her sensational look captures the drama and style of the early 1960s.”

Barbie is a soprano star in her strapless, glittery black sheath gown with its tulle flounce and decorative red rose corsage! Black opera length gloves, open-toe black heels, and a three-strand beaded necklace enhance her elegant fashion look. And this dramatic soloist carries a flowing pink chiffon scarf as she stands before her telescoping microphone (included) to sing her favorite torch songs. Reproduction dolls include pearl earrings, hairbrush, and doll stand.

Original Solo in the Spotlight 1960 fashion and doll special edition reproduction.

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