Jewel Secrets Barbie Paper Doll

The Jewel Secrets Barbie Paper Doll Book has always been one of my favorites ever since I was a little girl. It doesn’t bring just one paper doll but four! Lots of fun switching over and over again the pretty paper outfits of one of my favorite Barbies from my childhood!

This beautiful paper doll book was published by Golden in 1987. Jewel Secrets Barbie was a doll that I always wanted to have as a child, but I had to settle for the paper doll. I remember seeing it in a store and asking my mom to buy it for me. I was immediately fascinated with the illustration on the cover! Especially, I fell in love with Whitney from that very moment. I really loved this book! It included not only Barbie and Whitney paper dolls but also Ken and Skipper! Also brought the prettiest fashions and even had the same Barbie jewelry necklace on cardboard that I could wear and play pretend to be Barbie.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Paper Doll book comes with pre-cut paper fashions from the Jewel Secrets Barbie Fashions collection which includes fashions #1859, #1860, #1861, #1862, #1863, and #1865. It also brings on paper the dresses with which the dolls originally come.

After many years I’m happy to have this wonderful paper doll book again and also to finally have Jewel Secrets Whitney and two versions of Jewel Secrets Barbie in my Barbie dolls collection!

Gorgeous paper fashions for Barbie and her friends!
Very colorful and fashionable!
Pure elegance and sophistication on paper!
“Jewel” choker for you to wear! So glamorous!

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