“Float into the passenger seat and ride along with Barbie in her perfectly pink Corvette that drives like a dream. Inspired by the movie, this car is a real Superstar. “

1956 Corvette Barbie The Movie Hot Wheels
HPR54-NM910 1L

This really cute 1:64 scale pink 1956 Corvette is the replica of the one Barbie drives in Barbie The Movie. It was made in Malaysia in 2022. The vehicle comes with long card featuring full art of Barbie dreamhouse in Barbie Land as seen in the movie. The convertible Corvette is pink die-cast metal with a black base and white seats. It also has a clear windshield, black tires and chrome wheels. On the front it has a car license plate with the name Barbie on it. This 1956 Hot Wheels Corvette from Barbie The Movie is perfect for collectors of Hot Wheels vehicles as well as collectors of Barbie items!


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