“Yodel-ay-EEE-whooo!” Barbie’s voice echoes off the Swiss Alps! It’s a beautiful day in Switzerland, the land of Alpine mountains and sapphire blue lakes! Join Swiss Barbie on her walk along flowery paths to the mountain top and as you climb, yodel a mountain song with her!

It’s a long walk from the lake to the mountain top, but Swiss Barbie enjoys every step!

Switzerland, known worldwide as the “peace capital,” is a country with a diversity of landscapes that leave you breathless! Fantastic views ranging from green meadows carpeted with pretty colorful flowers to majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks! I hope one day to visit such a beautiful and extraordinary country! The land of the most smooth and creamier chocolate, Swiss cheese, fine watches, and Heidi’s home served as inspiration in the creation of this beautiful Barbie doll which captures the essence of Swiss tradition.

Already at the top of the mountain, Barbie yodels a “hello” song to her fellow mountain climbers!

Swiss Barbie from 1983, made in Taiwan, is part of the Dolls of the World Barbie International Collection. Other Barbie dolls included in this collection are Irish Barbie, Spanish Barbie, Oriental Barbie, Swedish Barbie, India Barbie, Parisian Barbie, Eskimo Barbie, and Scottish Barbie. This famous international fashion doll has a lovely superstar face with charming blue eyes and dimples on her cheeks. She wears pink mauve eyeshadow and red orange lipstick. Swiss Barbie comes with blonde hair styled in two braids, giving her a playful and youthful look.

It’s been a great day in the Swiss mountains, but it’s time to descend home!

Swiss Barbie comes with a beautiful traditional Swiss dirndl. This clothing consists of one-piece blouse-vest and a full skirt. The white blouse with puffed sleeves and a turtleneck simulates having a navy-blue velvet corset with lacing gold ribbon on top. The long skirt is made of red velvet fabric with a flower design. She also brings a pretty straw hat with a blue ribbon and little red flowers, long white stockings, blue shoes, a ring, and red hair ribbons. Like all the dolls in this collection, Swiss Barbie comes with her doll stand and comes in a nice box with information on the back about her country and cutouts that include scenic poster, guide “book,” ski lift tickets, map of Switzerland, passport, and “money.”

Swiss Barbie doll #7541

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