Barbie Totally Real House is totally awesome! With its cool and contemporary look, Totally Real House is the perfect place for Barbie to call home!

I received the Barbie Totally Real House for my last Birthday and I was more than moved! For some time I had wanted to add a Barbie house to my collection but due to lack of space I had not been able to do so. So, I was considering a folding house when I saw this amazing and realistic house! The problem was that the ones that were for sale were not complete and I wanted it with all its pieces. Well, my beloved husband did his thing and last February he surprised me with a brand new Barbie Totally Real House, in its sealed box, all in its original packaging! Isn’t it great!

Barbie Totally Real House was made in China in the year 2005. This pretty colorful and stylish Barbie house has the convenience of being foldable, easy to store without taking up much space. Plus, this playset includes more than 50 pieces and has 3 real sounds! It works with 3 AA batteries that are not included.

Fabulous furniture! Cool room design!

Barbie Totally Real House is divided into 3 main rooms: cozy bedroom/cool living room, stylish bathroom, and fantastic kitchen! You can transform the cool living room into a hip bedroom and hangout room. The cool bed changes into a comfy chair and ottoman for a fabulous furniture make-over! This space has pretty print curtains and windows that really open! The stylish bathroom comes with a sink with a mirror above, a shower with a curtain, and a toilet that you can raise and lower the lid. The shower and toilet make real sounds when you press a button!

Table setting!

The fantastic kitchen has a refrigerator and oven with door that really opens and a washer/dryer combo with real spinning action! You can set the table for two while cooking up some fun in the stove. The doors of the house really open and close. The front door has a real-sounding doorbell and mail box flap that opens!

Barbie Totally Real House 2005

Among the more than 50 pieces that this incredible Barbie house comes with you can find: chair and ottoman that change into a bed, floor lamp, accent table, television, remote control, telephone, bedspread, pillow, curtains for bedroom and shower, hand towel, trash can, toilet paper roll, tissue paper box, toothbrush, hair dryer, hair brush, back brush, soap bar, detergent box, cereal box, ice cream, milk carton, dozen eggs, turkey, pie, bowl of pop corn, table with two chairs, tableware, kitchenware, salt and pepper shakers, centerpiece vase with flowers, and other flowers for the window box. Some stationary as well as stickers to decorate are also included.

I’m fascinated with my new Barbie Totally Real House! It’s perfect for my Barbie dioramas! Keep an eye out because very soon I will share with you A Day at Barbie Totally Real House diorama! I can’t wait to show you!

Real “DING-DONG” sound!
Real “SWISSHH” and “WHOOSH” sounds!
Real spinning dryer/washer action!
Back part being folded.
Barbie Totally Real House box.

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