The temperature is rising, and Barbie looks bold and vibrant in this hot spring-summer outfit, another of the practical fashions for Barbie by Mattel from Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594!

Made in China in 1989, Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594 consists of six simple and practical Barbie outfits for different occasions. This one is my favorite from that collection! It consists of a turquoise strapless top and a short white skirt with turquoise geometric pattern print and elastic waistband. This cute outfit with bold print and vibrant color is ideal for spring-summer season, perfect for Barbie to go to the fair, to the movies, on vacation, or for a walk on the beach. A style that is always in fashion!

1979 Hispanic Barbie wearing Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594. Accessories not included.

Barbie Easy Living Fashions was one of the fashion lines where you could find Pink Stamps to exchange for free gifts! You just had to collect the different Pink Stamps in different genuine Barbie Fashions and join the Pink Stamps Club by sending $2.00 for shipping and handling. I really miss those Barbie days!

Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594

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