A gorgeous western star was born in the 80’s! She’s Western Barbie, an icon of the Barbie Superstar Era, who with her western style and with a wink captivated the hearts of the children who played with her.

Western Barbie doll #1757, made in Taiwan in 1980, was my second Barbie doll that I played with when I was a little girl. I remember that I received her for a Christmas, and she was a sensation! I could make her wink by pressing a button on her back! But the sensation did not last for long. I remember biting her eyelid and then it didn’t work. I was very young at that time and didn’t know how to appreciate my dolls as I did shortly after. I’m sure many of those who read me had Barbie dolls that were victims of bites, crazy haircuts, bold makeup made with markers, and many other atrocities that we left to our imagination. Western Barbie is a very significant doll for me because it marked a crucial stage in my childhood. Unfortunately, I did not keep her as I did not keep any other of my dolls. So, when my husband recently surprised me with her, it was a torrent of emotions that I experienced when I had a new one again in my hands. I’m sure we all have that Barbie doll that reminds us of a unique and special time in our lives. Mine is Western Barbie! What’s yours?

Western Barbie 1980
Look who just walked the red carpet wearing her fabulous western jumpsuit! She’s Western Barbie!

In 1980 Mattel also launched in the European market a version of Western Barbie with the typical Superstar face and that in addition to wearing the same outfit brought an over skirt to put on the jumpsuit. I know that for many the winking version of this Barbie doll isn’t so graceful, and I understand it! That look of sleeping or drunk that gets worse with the passage of time! Many choose to make an eye makeover, but I decided to leave her original as she came. The only little thing I did was touch up the blue paint on her eyelids because it was faded. Because it’s difficult to make her look good, I wanted to make a photo session that would give her life and make her look like the western star she should be. I think she looks pretty good! After all, what makes our Barbie dolls beautiful is the sentimental value they have for us. Look at her! She’s a real western star hitting the red carpet!

Her fans love her! They ask their favorite western star for an autograph.

Western Barbie has long blonde hair and turquoise blue eyes. She could wink at her left eye when you pressed the button on her back. Mine doesn’t work anymore! That eyelid is almost non-existent. I think that over time the eyelid goes backwards. She has a seam on the back of her head because you can remove her face, like a mask, and see the mechanism that makes her wink, but I dare not remove it to manipulate the eyelid. I really don’t know if anyone has one that works. That feature was really cool and seeing her wink again and again!

Western Barbie kindly agrees to the request of her fans before her presentation.

I love her western style! It’s unique, and although other western-style Barbies have come out, the 1980 Western Barbie outfit combines western style with glamour, which makes her look unique and fabulous among western-style Barbie dolls! She wears a white satiny jumpsuit with silver lamé yoke and cuffs. Silver and black braid decorates her silver lamé belt, pant legs, silver cuffs and yoke, and her Stetson-style white hat! She has white fringe on her long sleeves and white cowgirl boots with “Barbie” name on her Texas two-stepping feet! Western Barbie also comes with comb, brush, perfume bottle, mirror, six cardboard pictures to autograph, and her very own signature autograph stamp! The box is also very nice! I love the art on the back of the box! It’s characteristic of the late 70’s and early 80’s. With all its flaws and virtues, Western Barbie is and always will be the favorite western star of many!

Western Barbie is already in her dressing room! Between flowers and letters from her fans, she gets ready for the great night that awaits her.

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  1. Loving the blog and your appreciation for the Barbies of my childhood. Loving the photo sessions!!! We were wondering (because our memories are failing us) what is on the stamp? My sister saved her pocket money and bought the same Taiwanese Western Barbie and she too has suffered eyelid loss but that was purely my fault – older sister argument turned violent. I tore it out. We still have her so if you like we can dismantle her face to see how the mechanism works. She can give her face to science.

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