Barbie Fashion Pack FXJ03

Barbie is fashionable wearing this pretty summer outfit that is one of my favorites among current Barbie fashions!

Black Barbie modeling Barbie Fashion FXJ03.

This is Barbie Fashion Pack FXJ03 from Asst. FND47, made in China in 2018. This cute and fun fashion set consists of a pretty one strap crop top with ruffles and tropical leaves print, yellow mini skirt with waist knot in front, orange purse that simulates straw, and black cat-eye style glasses.

Striking tropical look!

Despite being a fan of vintage Barbie items, I really like this particular fashion. I love the combination of vivid and bright colors, perfect for the summer season that is soon to begin! I especially love how it looks in Black Barbie! Without a doubt, she’s my favorite to model this outfit!

Barbie is looking forward to summer, and you?

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