Skipper So Active Fashions #7982

Skipper dresses fashionably in this cute casual outfit that is part of the Skipper So Active Fashions collection from 1984!

Skipper So Active Fashions #7982 is one of my favorite outfits from this line that includes several casual styles so Barbie’s little sister can look fashionable too! This sweet Skipper fashion made in the Philippines consists of a long-sleeved mini dress in purple cotton with turquoise blue ribbon sewn on low waist, turquoise blue vest with purple stitching, and turquoise blue flats. The outfit, like all genuine Skipper fashions, comes with the label with the letter “S.” A Skipper fashion that is perfect for going out with Barbie to the movies, to the fair, shopping at the mall, or to spend some time at the Malt Shop enjoying a delicious milkshake!

Skipper So Active Fashions #7982 Asst. #4883

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