Easter Basket Barbie 1995

Easter Basket Barbie from 1995 is a special edition from Mattel. But she doesn’t come alone! She comes with a cuddly little friend who will help her make an Easter basket and play games too!

Easter Basket Barbie is my second Easter themed Barbie doll and she was made in China. In the 90’s there was a boom in Easter-themed Barbie dolls! You can find a great variety of Easter Barbie dolls, all with their short dresses in pastel colors, with their pretty little baskets, decorated with flowers, eggs, bunnies and chicks! Easter Basket Barbie from 1995 is no exception!

Eastern barbie doll #14613

This pretty Barbie has long light blonde hair to the waist and also, she has bangs! She has expressive big blue eyes, characteristic of Barbies in the 90’s. She wears a simple makeup with light blue eyeshadow and lipstick in light pink, very suitable for Easter. This Barbie doll really has a sweet and lovely face!

She has such a sweet and lovely face!

She is wearing a light blue background Easter theme mini dress with a print of baskets with Easter eggs, white bunnies and pink ribbons. The dress has a pink ribbon at the waist and a pink ribbon bow at the neck line. This Barbie doll also comes with a pair of pink button earrings, a pink finger ring, a pair of light blue heels, and a pink hairbrush. But that is not all! Easter Basket Barbie comes with a cute 1 ½” tall white bunny with carrot! She also brings cardboard basket where she can carry her little friend, and paper egg holder. The box has pretty art of spring flowers, white bunnies and Easter eggs on the back. You can play by finding the number of bunnies hidden in the picture!

Easter Basket Barbie box and accessories.

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