What a beautiful Barbie is Dreamtime Barbie! With pretty purple eyes and lovely wavy hair, she’s a dream come true. I have the made-in-Taiwan version, manufactured in 1984, and I really love her!

Dreamtime Barbie doll #9180 comes in her lavender nightgown and a beautiful peignoir with pink and lavender flower accents. She brings purple shoes, ring, brush, and comb. Plus she comes with his cuddly bear, B.B. (B.B. stands for Barbie doll’s Bear!)

B.B. Bear is a very cute pink teddy bear with a silver ribbon bow around its neck. B.B. is the perfect companion that Dreamtime Barbie loves to cuddle at bedtime.

Without a doubt, Dreamtime Barbie with her cuddly bear is the cutest Barbie I have in my collection.

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