My First Barbie Easy-on Fashions #1895

Spring is here! Everything is full of life and color! As well as this beautiful dress that is part of My First Barbie Easy-on Fashions collection!

This beautiful blue dress is one of five fashions that are part of the 1986 My First Barbie Easy-on Fashions collection, specially designed to slip on easily or close with a touch! This collection, in addition to including fun and colorful fashions that were designed with the little ones in mind, also includes several accessories.

1986 My First Barbie wearing Easy-on Fashions #1895.

My First Barbie Easy-on Fashions #1895 is perfect for the spring season because of its proper design and bright color. This easy-on fashion includes a pretty dress with straps in sky blue fabric with pattern of white dots and small flowers. The dress has a white lace trim, a pretty red bow on the front, and a small ballerina badge on the top. The dress comes with Velcro closure and includes a pair of white heels. Simple and delicate just for Barbie!!

Barbie looks beautiful this spring as she walks outdoors enjoying nature and warmer weather!
My First Barbie Easy-on Fashions #1895 Asst. #4875

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