Jurassic World Barbie Fashion Pack GRD46

Barbie is ready for some exciting adventure in Jurassic World in this fun outfit from Asst. GWB07, Fashion Pack #GRD46.

1988 Fun to Dress Barbie wearing Jurassic World Barbie Fashion Pack GRD46.

This super cool fashion made in Indonesia in 2021 consists of a coral sleeveless crop top. The top features the Jurassic World logo and a silhouette design of Barbie running with a T-Rex. It also comes with light blue shorts, a white cap with a green dinosaur print on front, and a blue fanny pack with the T-Rex logo from Jurassic World.

“Barbie, if something chases you…RUN!”

There are several more fun and very cool fashions that are part of this Jurassic World line that I look forward to adding to my collection!

Asst. GWB07 Pack GRD46

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