My First Barbie Fashion #4868
Barbie Fashion 4868

I want to show you one of the Barbie Fashions of the 80’s that is among my favorites and that is a Barbie fashion icon of that time: My First Barbie Fashion #4868. How nostalgic I feel every time I see this dress! It brings back great memories of my childhood.

This adorable dress is part of My First Barbie Easy On Fashion Collection, 1983, designed especially for the younger child. My First Barbie Fashion # 4868 has a pink bodice with straps and ruffles. The white skirt, with little pink flower buds, perfectly matches the top. And the dark green ribbon with a bow is the perfect accent for this cute dress. It also comes with a pair of pink heels!

My Barbie Fashion #4868 is the perfect first Barbie party dress. It has a youthful and romantic touch that makes it the favorite of many collectors.

Fun to Dress Barbie #1372 wearing My First Barbie Fashion #4868.

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