Barbie looks great and fabulous in this nice fashion that is part of the collection Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594 from 1989!

1988 Fun to Dress Barbie modeling Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594.

This casual but cute dress is one of six fashions from Barbie Easy Living Fashions line #8594, made in China in 1989. This particular fashion consists of a strapless mini white tube dress with black and pink star print and includes a short cut shawl with long sleeves in hot pink satin fabric. This fashion is perfect for Barbie to go shopping, take a stroll, or have an evening with friends at home. So, whether she’s going outside or staying at home, in this fashion Barbie will be comfortable while looking stylish!

Barbie Easy Living Fashions was one of the fashion lines where you could find Pink Stamps to exchange for free gifts! You just had to collect the different Pink Stamps in different genuine Barbie Fashions and join the Pink Stamps Club by sending $2.00 for shipping and handling. That was another plus back then!

Barbie Easy Living Fashions #8594

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