Miko visits the Dinosaur Museum wearing this ultra-hip fashion inspired by Jurassic World: Dominion!

Tropical Miko wearing Jurassic World Barbie Fashion Pack GRD47.

This trendy Jurassic World Barbie Fashion #GRD47, made in 2021 in Indonesia, includes an indigo blue T-shirt dress featuring a bold and colorful brachiosaurus and stegosaurus dinosaur graphic on the front with the official Jurassic World logo and the words Back Country Log and Field Atlas. The T-shirt dress has topstitching on the neck line. To complete the look, this fashion comes with two cool accessories: a modern yellow necklace that simulates dinosaur claws and silvery sunglasses! Jurassic World Barbie Fashion comes in a reusable vinyl package.

An exciting night at the museum awaits Miko! When you wear an outfit like this, everyone is amazed and even the dinosaurs seem to come to life!
Asst. GWB07 Pack GRD47

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