Barbie and The Rockers Sticker Album 1986

Barbie and The Rockers Sticker Album from 1986 is another of the great and beautiful memories I have from my childhood! After having it during my elementary school years and losing it, this beautiful sticker album distributed by Panini is part of my Barbie collection now!

Barbie and The Rockers Sticker Album was one of the several Barbie surprises that I received for my birthday three years ago from my husband, when I also received the Barbie Sticker Album from 1983, another great memory from my childhood, and I started as an official Barbie collector. My husband was able to get this sticker album completely empty with most of the stickers for me to stick on, so it is almost complete.

This Barbie and The Rockers Sticker Album shows us Barbie and her friends, Dana, Diva, Dee Dee, Dereck, and Ken, on their adventures from when they start playing for their school dance to becoming famous after recording a tape and giving a concert tour with the band to different places and receive an award. The album includes a pop-up Hot Rockin’ Stage with special stickers. Here I share some of the pages of this very colorful, eye-catching, and fun Barbie sticker album, without a doubt one of the most treasured by Barbie lovers.

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