Animal Lovin’ Barbie is ready for her new summer adventure! In this exciting safari fashion, Barbie looks fun and adventurous while still looking fantastic!

Animal Lovin’ Barbie Fashions #1593 Asst. #1601

Barbie has the perfect outfit to explore this summer. Animal Lovin’ Fashions #1593 Asst. #1601 made in China in 1988 is one of my favorites within that collection. It consists of a metallic-look pink jacket with velvet collar and trim, satin silver gray shorts, pink velvet floppy hat with silver ribbon, metallic pink socks matching the jacket, and pink sneakers. I think this fashion goes very well with the earrings that Animal Lovin’ Barbie originally brings.

This is the perfect outfit for Barbie to go on safari during the hot summer. She looks fresh, youthful and beautiful as she explores the wildest corners of the jungle! Join Animal Lovin’ Barbie on her new safari adventure!

Will Barbie meet a new friend? Or will she have to face some danger?
Watch out Barbie! Look behind you!
Don’t worry! Animal Lovin’ Barbie loves all animals and they love her.
The black panther cub thinks that Barbie looks pretty in her safari fashion. Don’t you think the same?

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