First Issue of Barbie Comics 1991

This is the first issue of Barbie Comics by Marvel Comics from 1990! This fabulous first issue is full of fashion fun and exciting escapades with modeling mix-up, poodle pandemonium, dancing dilemma, and much more!

The first issue of Barbie Comics came in a package with the first issue of Barbie Fashion Comics also from Marvel Comics, both published in January 1991. The package that sold for $1.99 (I got it on eBay for the same price!), introduced 2 fashion-filled Barbie Comics and came with a free gift of a colorful and striking Barbie doorknob hanger! This comic book has several fun and adventure-filled comics featuring Barbie and her friends with colorful illustrations. Some pages are dedicated to product and game advertisements from the 90’s. It also has a section titled Letters to Barbie in which letters from young readers were published expressing their thoughts about Barbie Comics and offering their suggestions. Here I share some of the illustrations.

Free Barbie doorknob hanger.

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