Jewel Secrets Barbie Coloring Book

Jewel Secrets Barbie Coloring Book was published by Golden in 1987. This beautiful Barbie coloring book is item #1218, and it was one of my favorite coloring books from my childhood.

Jewel Secrets Barbie Coloring Book shows very beautiful drawings of Barbie in her role as a fashion designer and businesswoman. Barbie buys a boutique and her friends, Ken, Whitney, and Skipper help her prepare everything for the grand opening. The coloring book has some pages with dialogues between Barbie and her friends. Also includes a Barbie paper doll with Jewel Secrets fashions to cut out. The coloring book has a beautiful and colorful cover that shows Jewel Secrets Barbie wearing her classic ball gown and surrounded by pink jewels. Here are some of the pages of such a beautiful coloring book.

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