Let’s get nostalgic for a moment! This is my first Barbie sticker album ever! I remember my first day of school in first grade. At the school gate, there was a young lady handing out albums to all the children. She gave the girls the Barbie Sticker Album, distributed by PANINI in the United States and Puerto Rico. Each album was only $0.35, and the sticker pack was $0.25!

I remember the excitement of having this album in my hands. I looked at each sticker with my eyes full of emotion, but I never completed it. I kept it for a while, but one cleaning day, my mom threw it away without telling me anything. For a long time I longed to have this album again. Until the day of my 43rd birthday, when my husband surprised me. I cried with excitement and joy! He was able to get a nearly complete one on Ebay with additional stickers.

This Barbie Sticker Album shows us Barbie in different aspects of her pink life. With her fashionable wardrobe and constant journeys to exciting places all over the world, the adventures of Barbie offered a glimpse of what the little girls might achieve one day. Also, you could dress Barbie with her Dream Store re-dress-able wardrobe! Oh, how I miss those years! Here I share with you some of the pages. I hope you enjoy it and that it brings back the same wonderful memories as me.

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