Barbie Supermarket Playset

Milk, eggs, bread, cereal, detergent… Barbie has her grocery list ready for her trip to the supermarket. With over 25 pieces in total, this Mattel playset from 2020 is a fun addition to any Barbie collection!

Display case and food with plug-and play design.

Now Barbie has at her fingertips all the necessary ingredients to make her shopping! Through imagination, Barbie walks the aisles of the supermarket with her shopping cart and selects the items she needs to take home. This super fun Barbie supermarket playset brings a shopping cart with working wheels and can be pushed by Barbie while she fills it. The grocery display case can be fully stocked with three sides with shelves to place the products. The display stand also comes with a basket for fruits and vegetables and a scale that moves for active role-play.

Barbie needs honey for a recipe she’s going to make.

Barbie has a variety of 20 pieces between food and miscellaneous to choose from that includes milk, eggs, cereal box, yogurt, butter, tomato sauce, pasta box, tuna can, olive can, honey bear jar, juice, water bottle, laundry detergent, liquid soap, paper towel, shampoo, apples, green cabbage, and bouquet of flowers. The items can be plugged on the shelves of the display stand!

Don’t forget the cereal, Barbie!

Once Barbie has finished shopping, she can check out at the register which has a working conveyor belt! All you have to do is load up the groceries, attach the shopping bag with Barbie logo to the hooks at the end, move the lever and watch the items fall into the bag! While Barbie waits in line, she can read one of the magazines on the checkout stand and grab a last-minute snack. The checkout stand comes with a cash register and screen that shows Barbie the total of her purchase as well as a pole with checkout lane number.

Checkout stand with register and working conveyor belt!

The Barbie Supermarket Playset includes a Barbie doll in a black mini dress with pink spaghetti straps and colorful floral print, and white sneakers.

Another happy customer!


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